Thursday, October 16, 2014


   We have someone wanting to rent the Office. Denise asked me all kinds of questions last night that I had not asked. I could tell her he had a 4 year old girl, as sweet as could be. I could tell her his wife's mom had cancer removed. I could tell her he was young and done record recording and singing for a living. I could tell her he was nice and his wife was nice, but I couldn't answer the main questions I should have asked. Funny thing, after meeting with them tonight I still can't. When I told her he wanted the first two months rent free, she wasn't impressed. She says I am a bad judge of character, and I am. Denise is usually spot on. I try and see the good in people and give them the benefit of a doubt. I talked with Misty since it will be hers when I die, kind of makes us partners in this thing. Misty has a good heart and she said she would agree with whatever I do. So tonight Denise met them.

   As we were leaving I asked what she thought. Now one has to know my wife, she is firm and strict, cut and dry as we call it here in the country. She is more a realist than I am. She said she thought we should take the chance. I even asked Tina, who is strongly opposed. They couldn't install their Charter boxes so I went and installed them for them, especially since Tina just had a heart attack. I had planned on moving and hooking up Denise's new Washer, didn't happen. I once heard if you want to make God laugh, plan. So here I set, 1:30 in the morning. I wouldn't be asleep anyway. This time of year I hurt, some say the chemo sped up the arthritis, and some say the radiation. Be that as it may I sleep in the floor these days. But what to do?

  His proposal was no rent until January, then he would start paying 950 a month to make it us for the first year, but he pays for the renovations. Some of the furniture and stuff he asked if I was going to take it. I asked if he could use it and he could, so I will leave that there as part of the rent. But the Denise throws me for a loop and says. not the 950, when he starts to pay the rent it is 800. That would pay the payment, insurance, and taxes, with a little left over to set aside to fix anything that might tear up. We don't have a lot of extra money, so if we do this it ain't because we are rich. My head and business sense says no, but my heart says yes. The fact that Denise says yes is enough for me to know my heart may be right.

  At 54, I have had enough medical problems that my chart looks more like a thick novel. I always wanted to make a good difference in my life, but I got side tracked, thats when we had money, LOL. Now, I look around sometimes and I see no big difference I have made that is positive. I'm too old to be good, so I just don't want to do no harm. I have to wonder, is this that chance. Like Denise said, we've prayed for someone decent to rent or buy the building, so maybe this is His answer. If it is I find it strange that if we go through with this deal, it will rely on faith. Oh I'll draw up a contract, but it will be written a bit funny. If we go for a 1 year lease and he sees he can't afford it, I will release him with no penalties.  If he is late there are no late fees, and if something bad happens that he will be extremely late, we will work with him. I would want that if I were him. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not the best business thing, not the best way to get money, but the best way to sleep at night. I have been where they are now, and truth be told we're not far from that, but far enough away to maybe help out. As for now tomorrow I plan to take down the sign.