Friday, February 11, 2011


 Megan has been out of school the last two day, closed for sickness. We have had a ball. She helped me get my desk from the office and today we exchanged them out here at home. We visited with mom. Played with the animals. This morning we went to Shoney's in Dandridge where me and Charlie would stop almost everyday after treatments. It was nice to see them all again there. Most didn't know me with long hair now. They have seem me at my worst. We ate and ate.

   My temporary partial they made for me came off last night. I found pretty quickly that I couldn't eat with just 2 teeth left, so I Gorilla Glued it back in. :) I go back Monday for an impression and I hope it will come off ok. So far it's lasted, lol. I figured the glue can't be anymore poisonous than the chemo. :)  I have found out while me and Megan have been running and working that my stamina just ain't there yet. I'm still trying to adjust to the new me, and I hate it. The neuropathy hasn't let up a bit. I even had to use the Pitiful Pas one day when I parked, I try not to use that in case someone needs it more.

  This month starts back doctor visits and the 22nd we see if I escape surgery for the radiation damage. Then next month another try to see if the cancer is gone. Hopefully this one will go better. At one time I was numb to getting stuck, now I'm back not so numb. I dread it. I kept a sore throat most of the week but thankfully today it is gone for the most part.

  I figure that if God grants me another summer that I will put out some extra corn, about just under an acre. If not then maybe I'll at least get two gardens planted. I'll keep my hair long to keep the sun off my neck, which should help. Last year even with sunscreen it got rough.