Wednesday, November 20, 2013


  It has been almost a week now since I cut the dose back in 1/2 of the Prednisone to 5mg. It ain't been easy and I was a little late, yeast had already developed in my throat. Breathing and swallowing have been laborious at times but I figure by tomorrow it will be better, I say that everyday to myself. Funny thing about tomorrow is it never actually gets here, when it does it is today.

  Charlie took mom last week, no treatment again, her platelets were too low this time. He decided he wasn't taking her tomorrow so she called me to see if I would. Megan wants to go too. Mom worries about me driving her, it terrifies her when I have the episodes or if I will have one. If they're light ones I can get through them without her even knowing. :) I done good yesterday and that may have her a little more at ease. I couldn't sleep the night before, knees, shoulder, and neck were killing me. Me and Megan went over to Denise's mom and dad and sat with him while her mom went to the doctor and got groceries, then we came home and went to New Market and filled mom's water jugs, then fed the cows.

  I broke my camera case, left it in my pocket pouch and snapped it. I went on Ebay and looked around at used ones, finally bid on one that looked good after losing several bids. Now the funny part. In the search afterward, I was use to not winning the bid, I found a case for mine. I guess I'm not the only one who does stupid things, so I bought it. It came in today and I took my camera apart and placed it in a new case. Works great. Now I must have lost 50 bids over the while and thought I would lose the one I placed. Nope, won it. I don't need 2 cameras so I think I'll give my old one to my cousin. New case and not over a year or two old. I don't think they have a camera, so this would be a good thing.