Thursday, January 23, 2014


  Another day and mom grows weaker. Dr Kilgore called me this morning and explained a lot of things, most of which I already knew. Mom took a turn for the worse today for a while and when we arrived Annie met us outside, along with Kilgore's associate, we will call her Dr L, cause I can't remember her name. Mostly she talked with Denise on stats, sounded like Greek to me. Then she talked with me on mom's condition (s). Dr L laughed and said we had a lot of nurses in the family, I told her yep, comes in handy. I know her daughter had said they have a spare bedroom and I told her so do we, but mom wants to be home and we will make sure she has her wish. Annie said a family member questioned about if we had space for a hospital bed, which is irrelevant, mom wants to be home. Just for the record we have more square feet here than there, again, that is irrelevant.

  Tonight Megan wanted to stay with mom so I let her. She wants so very much to prove herself responsible and capable of doing what others do her age. Denise agreed and let her stay and I know she will do an excellent job. I should have left my phone there because I'm not sure the hospital phone has a speaker. We stopped at the desk and I told the RN and Desk Manager that Megan is legally deaf but can hear some with her hearing aides as long as they are facing her. What she can't she reads lips and will verbally respond. Megan is observant and smart, but best of all a heart the size of Texas. We brought Annie back and she went back home. She done an excellent job tending to mom. Matt, Misty and the kids came down too for a while. They drove 2 hours to visit 2 hours, then headed home for a 2 hour drive. Last night Annie done something called Face Time or something with her phone to Misty, Matt, and the kids... which was nice.

  Finally, to family and friends that send me messages, call. I have an old phone, fat fingers and small buttons that you have to push different times for different letters. I don't have a smart phone and see no reason for a dumb person to have a smart phone. I know right now my voice is weak but I can repeat something quicker than I can type it. So please, call and speak.