Tuesday, February 19, 2013

02-19-2013 CT Scan Results

  We headed that way today and got them in... Great!!! There is a lot of damage left behind from the Radiation, so Dr Rathfoot explained it isn't what they see as much as what they don't see, change. That is what they mainly look for and what they base their findings on. We discussed upping and using more Dyfluken (spelling ?) with him due to the constant Yeast infections I get in my throat due to the Prednisone. He said he didn't want a tolerance to be built up from the more frequent use and wanted to reserve that for the worst times, which are in the spring. He said in the spring is when he sees it more in my throat from me being outside and in the garden. That made sense to me. I know that when we had the hatchery years ago I used medicines on when needed and all other measures failed. I do the same with the cows, goats, donkeys, llamas, and sheep, makes it far more effective if they have to have it. The only exceptions were turkeys and peacocks which have a time immunity wise until the get a bit older (sinuses). At about 2 1 month for turkeys and 6 months for peafowl we'd take them off. But I'm getting side tracked.

  The knot in my neck, well I lost him with all the muscle stuff, not even sure I could pronounce those words. :) I did though understand that the knots that I get are muscles that have been damaged by the radiation and sometimes forms what looks like tumors, but they're not. They come and go, massage helps along with some heat or Amish Ointment rubbed in. By then though I smell like a Pole Cat, so I hold that back until needed as a last resort. I'm not sure if it is the muscles or the dics that are causing bad headaches. Apparently the radiation also sped up arthritis, especially in the 2 that are damaged from years ago. Advil seems to help with those when they get bad, again, I don't want to build tolerance to them. He also wants a blood check to see about my thyroid. It was burnt up but has stayed at a safe level so far.

  So for now Yogurt, unsweetened, and horrible. Either my taste buds are giving up on the taste or I'm getting use to it. Its all good. I also have something called Niastatin (spelling?) Swish & Spit.

  We thank God for the good results and thank everyone who kept us in our prayers and good wishes. Mom undergoes the knife but she would rather me not say when, or even much about it. Please remember her in your prayers.