Monday, January 21, 2013

1-21-2013 Rathfoot Follow-Up

  We met with Dr Rathfoot today and he checked the lump in my neck out. He thinks it is related more to the discs in my neck and shoulder than a lymph node. That would tend to make sense, that shoulder was the one I had repaired a few years back. Or it could be the Discs in my neck which also made sense. The same box that tore the shoulder out also messed up 2,5, & 6, but one of them healed. I refused to let them fuse them together, that just didn't sound good. One has a spur pushing against something to do with a nerve, cord, or something.

  He scoped me and it looked well, he was pleased. The yeast he said must be on down, I took it the voice box. He scheduled a CAT Scan for next month though since I have blood in the morning and yeast. He said it might be a reoccurance of the cancer but doesn't think so, says he wants to be sure. I noticed Denise was worried, just not sure what she was worried about. Honestly it worries me a bit too as we move into the hurry up and wait game again. It will be the middle of February before they look it over and I get the results. Whatever that stuff they spray in your nose is was worth having the scope go up my nose and down my throat. It has something that clears the sinuses up, if nothing else for a little while. I've had about an hour and a half's sleep from Megan's night owl noises. We discussed that. Unless you work night shift or are a nocturnal animal, night time sleep, day time wake.