Saturday, June 16, 2012


  Been a while so I thought I'd update. First off, Happy Fathers Day.

  The discs are slowly going down and I can turn my head a little easier now. My nose is about healed and the forehead is getting close too, can't beat that. I got one more muscle relaxer left I'll take tonight and then get Denise to pop me again. I thought I'd really messed up yesterday when I got on the tractor, bumpy ride. I helped Mark move a building Hosea gave him with the front end loader, then helped him unload it. He used his John Deere and I used our Massey Ferguson. My blood pressure has stayed normal without the extra blood pressure pill, so I get to cut that and the Potassium supplement. 2 down, 6 to go.

  I spent the last two days though healing from a supper Denise fixed where she put 6 (I think she said) Garlic cloves in the meal. Major acid reflux, so I've upped the Prednisone to 10mg until the swelling goes down. Too much of a good thing ain't good no more.  I'd say pain level last night was at about 8. Swallowing is all but impossible and I'm guessing that is why what little saliva I have quit, maybe even the headaches that still linger, but I've had them since I kissed the floor that night.

  I've laid low for the last few days, except for the trip to town twice now. I've gotten some funny looks, so I point to Denise and say, "I thought she said get up." Tomorrow maybe I'll work a little more in the garden and fix the lawn mower, I busted the housing that turns one of the blades mowing the barn lot, should have used the bush hog. Tonight Denise is making Bread & Butter pickles, first batch. Soon will be the Peanut Beans to can. Squash is ready to pick again too and in a week the Garlic will be cured. I'm watering every other day now. It's so dry the trees are still fighting over the dogs.