Friday, February 12, 2010


  Woke up in a touch more pain, but not much though. I'm just glad we're stepping down the patch and can't wait to do away with it.

  I've stayed busy today running errands, Matt to Morristown to get his van, the to Sevierville to buy a welder, then to Russellville to do an inspection and BPO on a house, then the paperwork. I'm tired and I bet I will be paying for this day, lol.

   My weight is 193. Not tickled about that but hey, I still made it without a feeding tube. We've begun the step down on the patch and today I woke with just a bit more pain, but nothing intolerable. My rash is still ongoing, have no idea.

  I didn't go but once this week for fluids, I may go twice next week... naa, probably once. My feet still feel like the front pads are swollen, but they're not. It is extremely painful to walk, the left foot seems worse than the right foot. It is both front pads but only 1 heal that hurts. They are numb yet painful... how does that happen? That don't even make sense. Hey, I even drove myself!

  I still have to watch and really focus on eating, least I get choked. The same goes for drinking. I attempted a Coke again today. Key word in that was attempted, lol.

On a good note... I'm beginning to get hair! It seems to be growing really fast on my head and chin. It still hasn't graced the rest of my body yet. The more it comes the warmer I feel. The pale death look is leaving and I am slowly getting some color back.  Now if I could just build my muscles and stamina back. Then again this weather would need to cooperate. Bone pain seems to be the next order to tackle. Then again, swelling
going down where I can swallow normally would be nice. As soon as I can, I need the 5 or so teeth that radiation killed took out, that would help me chew.

   Actually I'm in a good frame of mind today even though it may not seem it. I thought I'd just keep it real.
  I never got my thyroid checked yet, need to.