Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Denise woke me up this last night a few times. She said I was making a strange noise and not breathing right. I think it was all the swelling. This morning I was still bleeding a little. Maybe I sound have not tried to be active yesterday, but man was it ever a beautiful day. I woke myself up once, I gasped like I had been holding my breath. It ended up good. Denise was getting ready for work and I quietly made my way to her bathroom where she was getting ready. Slowly turned on the vent fan and she saw my hand and the noise all the sudden. Too funny. I never heard anybody scream like that before, lol. Then I ran. :) Kinda chilled a bit today. I get too active I throb, but it's getting better. I used the pain pills again today but maybe none tomorrow, just a few today. I hate the way I fee with them almost as much as the pain. The swelling is going down some, so it should be good tomorrow. Today I mostly played outside and then inside when it throbbed. Ordered a few pounds of corn seed and Celtic Salt, and a few others seeds.