Wednesday, March 6, 2013


  Today we played catch up. The snow came and they asked everyone to be late for their appointment with the doctor at UT Eye Surgeons. They still have no idea whats going on and want an MRI, plus see 2 more specialists, which he is suppose to be one.  I opted out for now. I want to see if the vision gets better on it's own. The worse it gets the better I look when I look in the mirror. Hey you can't beat that, lol.

  We buried Harley Duke, our male Great Pyrenees. He lived longer than any other one we've had. Harley was like a part of the family. Now only Puppy is left and she is lonely. Megan has found another male that we will go see Saturday. He won't take Harley's place but he will have a place of his own. Harley was Puppy's dad. Megan dug the grave and buried him where our other pets are.

  Mom is doing ok, still a ways to go but home so that is half the battle. Today I had to get some things done here but Annie was off school and was with her, plus I called a lot. Tonight we got a Kitchen Island assembled, looks great. Its not big but it will do and fits our Kitchen well. Now I have a place to bake and keep my stuff. I think my throat has enough yeast to bake a cake, lol. The NHL has kicked in high gear and I'm ate up. I may do some treatments later on, I just hate to fire it up. I smell spring coming, if we get past mud season it will be time to do Cabbage & Onions.