Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Mask

Megan took pictures of my Mask she posted on her blog. Remember that when this cast was molded that I was 231 lbs, now I am 190 lbs. And the way that you are positioned on the flat table with the head support that it is much tighter than this looks now.

Since these blogs change fast I'll post a few pictures up here. When you finish you have the option to keep your mask... I kept mine and I'm going to mount it on the wall. I think I've earned it.


Other Throat Radiation sites

Here are a few I ran across tonight.


Since my recent fall I guess I've slept enough or passed out enough for two people. Actually through this whole thing I've slept a lot. Tonight I couldn't sleep a lot so I read up a researched some of what was diagnosed that led to the last two days events as well as the last week or so. I found a lot of info out there but perhaps this page, even though there are a lot of dead links on it was the most informative written in layman's terms. This has helped me to understand what went wrong, or should I say, where I went wrong. Maybe it will help someone avoid what I done.

This is why it is important to go in and get hydrated in the Chemo Hut a lot more frequently than I did. Notice the constipation is also mentioned as well as the losing consciousness, weakness, and dizziness.