Monday, July 30, 2012

7-30-2012 Rathfoot Follow-Up

  We went this morning to Dr Rathfoot for a follow visit. He scoped me, which oddly enough I look forward to, well maybe not the actual scoping, but to see what he finds. Whatever the outcome it's good to know what he sees.

  He saw the right side of the throat has gone down a lot, pretty much miraculously a lot and he was more than pleased, hardly any swelling left. The left side where the tumor was still has a lot of swelling, but it shows progress. The color was good too. Denise handed him the blood work result from the Thyroid levels. Surgery for now is off the table! Oh yeaaaaa. He also noticed that at least one Saliva gland is trying. With the dentures it seems to fire that thing up a bit, wish I could sleep with them in.

  Denise addressed my fingernails being more brittle, fatigue, and I asked about the numbness that I have from time to time in the left side and sometimes the right. He thought that it could be my B levels and in particular B12. He also though maybe the throat numbness might be Neuropathy, I didn't know you could have that there. I have it in my feet, hands, and face and it fluctuates from day to day how bad. When I was at UPS I took 1cc per week injection of B12, I have Pernicious Anemia. Since I'm not there and as active we went to the regular dose of 1cc per month. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago about a year, give or take, after Lyme's Disease. Be it the Lymes or the heavy medication over that year, I developed it back then. I done the Shillings part 1 and later part 2 which confirmed that I don't make Intrinsic Factor and was 100% unable to absorb or make it. I hate needles, slight phobia of them so I was all for whatever don't sick me.

  We finished the day celebrating. Went shopping at Earth Fare, followed by a Salvage Store (to see if they had a door we wanted). Went from there to Pigeon Forge and stopped in at the Lodge Store, headed over to Corning wear store to buy a Food Colander and a few small items (?). Ate at 5 Guys and went to Old Time Pottery. Then headed home to grocery shop and cut some Okra, Peppers, and a Banana Melon from the garden. The only thing lacking this perfect day would be the German lady from North Myrtle Beach at Scoops making a Banana Split. :) I dream about those.