Wednesday, August 29, 2012


  Pushed about as far as I could, hit the wall today. It seems like this time of year I live on Prednisone and Benadryl (spelling ?). The gardens have all been out for a while now, and that ain't a bad thing, lol. Bush hogging though has begun again, and even with a bandanna covering my mouth it takes it's toll. I've learned to do it in increments. This will be the 3rd and hopefully final leg of it when I recover again, maybe 4 hours left and I'll skip the steep side of the hill. I have about 20 acres done so far. I get done with this I'll get to bless the dump truck again. I tried cussing it and that didn't work. :)

   Megan came up with a solution to a problem tonight. Most people who've had or have throat cancer have a hard time swallowing large pills, but also small. I have no idea why but small anything is a choker. Rice or stuff like that don't do well. Too stringy or too small or too smooth. The Prednisone is the hardest thing I have a problem with. Tonight Megan suggested Coconut Oil, and it worked great. It has no flavor at all. Good for you and could slide a cow out of a tree, though I've never seen a cow climb a tree. Today me and Megan just chilled, watched some TV (unusual for me), and baked mom some Sour Dough, Denise some Herb & Cheese, and me some regular white bread loaves. Denise wants me to go to the doctor, but the rotation of follow-ups start in October I think she said, I can wait. The little finger I broke I think I didn't do too well setting it, still a little tender and crooked.

  My oldest daughter Misty has started her blog and has had some hits. She wants to blog about Brandon's Autism and hopefully will find others and they can gather advice and strategies to help her and them with it. There is always strength in numbers and as prevalent as  Autism has become, many have wisdom to share. At the same time, it will let someone else know they are not alone. I think that is important in any battle because sometimes we feel so isolated and alone, even though we aren't. Battle anything long enough and you wear down.