Thursday, July 7, 2011


  I got the meds today to get rid of another yeast infection in my throat today. Denise says the steroids causes it. It makes the throat feel swollen and sore and I get tired a lot. Today I slept on and off all day. I did manage to water garden 2. Hard job there, Open the garage, hook up the hose, and let the sprinkler go at it. :)

  I visited Charlie again, saw him on the porch. He is 8 down now out of 35 radiation treatments and 1 chemo to go. He said he can't taste much, saliva glands quit, and in a lot of pain. Still, he won't take pain meds. I wasn't too keen on it either but they definitely have their place in life, saw that first hand. Used correctly they are a God send. He is pretty bitter, and I can see that but being bitter is a waste of time. Humble is which way to head.

 I got the bike back together a day or so ago.  Denise was about to kick my butt, I had it all over the garage downstairs. I guess she is thinking about the VW Beetle a few years back. All it needed was a new top. I didn't like the paint job so I decided to sand and paint it. Couldn't figure out how to sand in the tight spaces so I dissembled it. It's still there on jack stands in the garage between the Camaro and Skylark... in pieces. :) None of the cars can come out though. I've never finished the tracks on the new garage door either, lol. The a/c was fixed in the house. 2 or 3 year old unit and each year it goes down. It's suppose to be under warranty but this time was 98 bucks. 

  Now for something I need to write that I can look back on and laugh about. I got a call a couple days ago from a lady doing a survey. It was on TV. I'm not a big TV fan. So she asks if I watch the news. I say occasionally the local one, maybe 2-3 times a week. She asks if I watch world news . I tell her no I read mine on the web. She asks why. I tell her I like fantasies but with a story line. So she asks how much TV I watch. I tell her just one to two shows, occasionally more.  She starts with times frames.

  By this time Denise asks who is on the phone and I tell her.  The lady says from 6-6:30. I say no. Then she begin to divide them into one hour time frames. Each time I say no. Denise heard me say now for the time frame (I repeated each one after her) of 9-10 pm. Denise says "You watch Swamp People". I said, "I love that show, chute 'em Elizbeth, chut 'em. I can sound just like Troy. The next thing I heard was a click, she hung up. lol Too funny. The crap I do sometimes.

  As of the finish I notice it is after 12pm. I have at least made it to 51 officially. I'm 228 lbs now, like I need to eat birthday cake... but I'm gonna.