Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Me and mom travel to West Knoxville for her check -up. I'm sure knowing mom a trip to Sams in order, me and Denise just went there last week. Rain was forecaster for today and once again they missed it. I needed it though, still tired for yesterday. There is something I'm having a reaction to out there. I'm not sure by what. Worked out well so far, I'm tired. So I stayed pretty much in and shelled green beans for seeds next year.

  Last Tuesday we took the cows off, 6 bull calves in total. With the drought everywhere we kept the heifers, I figure they will need new breeding stock replacements. Mark too his this week, hopefully he will get good for them, but corn prices were announced already, he may not. I noticed when he left out there was a taillight not working. I have almost 5 acres bushhogged, about 20 more to go. I got both yard moved an some of the beans shelled.  Bird dog also got out front gutter usa (rnex Cantreall) . They done come and gone. If I have time and if the weather hols up, I'll stretched thta, lol.

  Its good