Monday, June 6, 2011


Setting here inside the house escaping the heat. I've found that heat and throat don't go well together, especially with the remains of this cold. So I go out early and late to play in the garden. I've not quite got the energy or stamina that I had last year, or so it seems. Somewhere in the back of one's mind I think the threat of cancer still lurks around, perhaps worry is a better word for that.

I wonder since the lung and sinus infections comes and goes, seems I can't shake it. Then again, Denise, Misty, and Megan can't either, so maybe that is natural.I'm going to go back to the honey, a tablespoon each day and the Vit D seems to help somewhat.

I saw Charlie today and he is out and about. He is keeping his weight good and doing the fluids has helped him a lot. I should have done those when I had my chemo. He has the chemo color and little hair, said he had lost his taste as well on food and drinks. He said that he was having a hard time recovering from the second chemo. I didn't tell him but the taste thing doesn't come back all the way, or at least mine didn't.

I worked, or rather piddled, in the gardens today until it got hot and called and checked on the insurance on the houses and cars. It is a little disgusting being hit twice, but we're far better than some. So far Farm Bureau has been good, especially on the cars. The houses aren't settled, one hasn't been looked at yet by them, but I've had three contractors who have given me estimates on repairing them. The two garages are what worries me the most with the type of roofs they have. The parts room in the main garage is gone, along with I'm guessing the insulation. I had it patched from the first storm, the second one undo the patches.

So maybe that is the reason part of my energy, apart from the cold, is less. Just kind of disgusted. Just a few years ago I could have repaired all this myself. I sat and remembered designing and building it all. Back then it seemed like no big deal, and now I wonder how I did it. Good memories though, we had fun working on them. I guess this is a reminder that all we acquire here is moth and rust.