Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Charlie done his first Chemo today at the Chemo Hut at UT. It went well. He said they told him to tell me Hi. That is a great bunch of people there. He has about 2 days before the bomb hits.

  Today was a loss. I went outside and tossed a few rocks from the garden and almost instantly my throat started swelling again, so I came in. It took a few hours for it to go back down. I really need to get the oxygen tank filled. Now if I can just remember that, lol. I got less than 2 weeks before surgery and already I'm behind what needs done, just in case I'm down a bit. I dread the respiratory again. It didn't hurt but it's definitely freaky.

  I plan to chat with Rathfoot, no trach for now. It is garden season and bike season. It's also past time I repair the wall downstairs and other odds and ends. The storm damage though will be hired out to Mike to do. That will come later, there are plenty of people that he is working on that have worse damage, so we can wait. It ain't going nowhere, we ain't having to feed it or water it, lol. I do need to check the roof though to make sure it's not leaking. One could say it got the hail beat out of it... pun intended.

  Matt done well again today. He worries too much about staying busy but no more than he charges they're coming in left and right. If he sets for an hour and not doing something he worries, lol. I never realized that he is a perfectionist, either that or OCD, lol. It has to be just right, perfect. He has a lot of passion working on computers. They will be married I think Misty said something like 10 years this week. How could I have not noticed that? 

  Today has been a bit strange. I noticed that I am old now and my kids are grown. My grandkids are now at the age my kids should be. My biggest fear is being a burden rather than making more money or buying stuff... not that I haven't went a little stupid lately, lol. I ran off today without my teeth, ralmao. I didn't even notice until I smiled at the store. Thats when I felt the two canine teeth that stick way up to hold the partial on. What a look I got, lol. I look like a werewolf or vampire without my partial. How on earth does one forget their teeth?

   I guess the same way that I catch myself doing what dad done to us kids, sticking them out, putting them upside down and walking past them. I use to look at him and think, does he think that is funny? Well, now I know what he thought because I'm doing the same thing, lol. If nothing else, I'm amused. And I just now found the last pill in under the partial. I thought something tasted weird. I've little taste buds left that work but that was a bit bitter. Think it was one of the steroids. Somehow they aren't working for me like they did for muscle men, my belly is bulking up rather than my arms.