Friday, January 29, 2010


  It has been a good day today despite the snow. Other than a little soreness in my throat, especially the right side, it's been great. Annie's new laptop came in and she loves it.

  Still broke out all over just as bad as yesterday so I've taken Bendryl. Still a bit of trouble with things going in and out, but I'm getting there. Now if it would get warm and pretty I could maybe walk around and gain back some strength. The numbness in the hands a feet hasn't improved, not sure what the cause was. These muscle jerks and a feeling like I'm exploding inside (Nerve wise) are not painful but get kind of freaky. I take Lorazapan and they fade away. Sometimes I go a day or two and nothing. Lately it is at least once a day. Strange.  

  Days like this one make it worth it.

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