Friday, January 8, 2010


With the snow last night we decided to leave late, maybe 7:30ish, that way it would be light enough to see the road condition. We got down there and the waiting room was empty. We waited maybe 10 minutes before I got called back. I timed my cocktail just right.The snow was beautiful.

  The ladies there said that I would have one more session like the other ones and eight more shorter ones as they focus the beam even more concise. Today's session took about 45 minutes. I told them about Dr Rathfoot looking into my throat and while swollen three times the regular size, no tumor. They were tickled for me.

   Charlie meanwhile sat in the waiting room where the older man that Denise had talked with him and her husband and gave them some tips on stuff to use. The man's wife told Charlie that he was about to give up after just nine treatments. That is how rough head and neck radiation is. Charlie gave them a pep talk and believe me, Charlie is good at that, they have worked for me. He told them that I had almost given up several times but they wouldn't let me. His appointments are later than mine so I may never see him again. That made me think of like an outline form of things I've used that have helped me. Head and neck radiation is suppose to be the worse places to get it.

  Again today I didn't shave. I have hairs starting back on my face but where the beard was, it is doubtful that I will ever be able to grow any hair there again... and that is ok. 

  I've slept on and off all day. I think I may have over eaten at Shoney's. I ate pretty much a whole plate and then I messed up and ate extra bacon. I still love bacon but it don't love me back. 9 more to go. It seems like an eternity yet the light is getting a bit brighter at the end of the tunnel.

  My throat is closed up a bit more tonight and it is getting back hard to swallow water, breathing takes effort as well. I'm using Lidocane 2% Viscous to numb it. The biggest draw back with it is it compromises your gag reflex when it numbs. Probably getting on the tractor and loading the flat bed didn't help any yesterday either.

  I'm listening to my body today and crashing early.

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