Tuesday, February 16, 2010


  Another day, but a better one in some ways. More pain is seeping through when I eat, except the Banana Popsicles, lol. My left foot some better but the right is making up for it. Only threw up once, just a while ago, could have done without that, especially those that catch you off guard and go out your nose. OK, thats probably T.M.I. lol.

  Been another lazy day. Did get some stuff done for mom, actually a lot. Tomorrow I'll rest up a bit.

  Denise has a sore throat... sounds kinda like me, lol. I've heard that when your married long enough you start to look alike, never heard you would sound alike.lol. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.


  If the snow ever quits I'll get more fluids.  

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