Saturday, February 27, 2010

02-27-2010 evening

  Been a lazy day again.We ran to Newport Walmart and Newport Bargain store where I discovered than using the buggy I am more able to walk normal. I did walk like a Penguin now I walk like a Duck, lol. While the medicine for the neuropathy does nothing for the numbness, maybe even increase it, it does cease most of the pain. I can walk without as much pain and sleep without pain but knowing where I step and when my foot is down solid takes a bit more effort. My hands are the same way. It hasn't helped my ankles to pick up my foot which makes me walk a little abnormal.

   For the first time I was able to eat at least about ten bites without liquid. One of my goals is going back to eating without drinking. Long story on the benefits of doing that. I've also tried to swallow without drinking or eating, not easily done but I'm working on it. Panella had said it takes 26 muscles that have to work together and that I would need to relearn how to make them work together.

  I attempted a Dr Pepper again today. I can drink soft drinks with minimal pain now but I can't stand the taste of Dr Pepper anymore. That is something I thought would never happen, lol. As a preference I'm sticking with Tea, Water, Vitamin Water, and SoBe.

I did find this interesting, a series from Dr Mercola on a new treatment in Germany for cancer that is proved to work without harsh drugs. They also go into other diseases. It is a video that is a 7 part series. I'm not sure if you can view without signing up but I have been signed up for years and have never had any unsolicited email or spam so it is safe.


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