Friday, March 5, 2010


  I got up early this morning and somehow that just didn't last, lol. After talking with Sally and hearing how she elevates her feet to help with the neuropathy so I tried it and it worked to some extent. It got it out of my thigh muscles but not my feet. Funny, I know how cow feels. I can walk up steps pretty easy but not down the, lol.

  I was tired I guess but with such a beautiful day I ended up getting a battery and putting it on the tractor. Denise had done said no about changing the garage door, lol. Helped mom with some of her stuff and researched Cabins for mine and Denise's 21st anniversary coming up soon. Done some other odds and ends like gave a mineral block to the cows and got my tags renewed for the bike.  I can't ride it yet but that is one of my goals, to ride more this summer. There is a good 2 days worth of polishing the chrome.

  I think if it would stay pretty I could heal faster, that of course is dependent upon my feet. I want to gain but not gain any more fat than I have to. I have high hopes for tomorrow in what I get done.

  I talked with a lady today that her husband is being tested for CTCL, a Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I hope he does not have it. If he does though I told her not to worry, I was diagnosed 07-01-2005, my oldest daughter's birthday.

  Patty (my cousin) came in from FL the other day and said she was preparing her for the worst when she saw me, she was shocked pleasantly. Patty, Show your mom Billie this picture so she will know I'm ok and tell her I love her.            


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