Saturday, March 6, 2010


I woke up early with minimal pain from the neuropathy. It didn't take but a few steps until a slight pain started in my left foot. Me and Denise started on replacing the garage door. We got it up but nowhere complete. Between the pain in my feet and fatigue we stopped after it was secure. I figure I gotta start somewhere building up strength and endurance. Beautiful day today.

The dosage of meds for the neuropathy increased today to 600mg twice a day. If it continues to not work I'm considering asking that we try a different med called Lyrica. I do pretty well with my balance but holding or walking takes a bit. The scalding on my leg is slowly healing and I now get a second opinion before jumping in, lol.

I noticed the CTCL beginning to spread about. I think I will ask about doing a few treatments with the NBUVB to back it off.

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