Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today was a strenuous day as I have talked entirely too much. I have an infection and a cold and the swelling makes it hard to breathe. I had to break down and take a 15mg Morphine pill and about an hour later another. The 25 mg patch just got ran over.

On a good note, the added 600 mg in the middle of the day has all but stopped the pain in my feet. It has a bit more effect on balance but not much. Honestly, it can get funny when I head one way and end up the other, so far I haven't fallen. Denise and I went up to mom's tonight when she said she had a weird call and they thought they heard something, Annie is staying with her. So Denise and I headed up that way to check. She had her .357 and I had a 9mm and my .38, I'm a worse shot that she is with a handgun, lol. I looked like a drunk trying to walk around the house, lol.

The script didn't come today so if it is not here by tomorrow I will call Rathfoot and get him to send one for the infection and cold to at least take the swelling down. I stayed tired from yesterday's activity.

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