Thursday, March 25, 2010


Another day of rain. The neuropathy was worse today than normal. I'm not sure if I'm still paying for skipping the pill two days ago or maybe the rain or barometric pressure has something to do with the intensity of it. I talked with Sally and hers was worse today too. I know it sure does have a profound effect on my shoulder and sometimes knees. I did still manage to go to Walmart and get two trees, a Blueberry bush, and four Easter Lilllies. dad always got everybody one and I thought maybe he would like that. The trees I know I probably can't plant but I thought it would be something Josh and Brandon could do with me and Megan. Something they would always have to reflect back on one day.

Another day without no pain meds other than this patch, right up until tonight. Cajun Chicken Biscuit from Bojangles, while good, is not a smart move, lol. The acid reflux isn't as bad. I took Kim's advice on how to take the meds and eating too. The acid reflux though walks over the OTC ones and the insurance company will not approve two pills a day or the Nexxum. There is something seriously wrong when insurance companies can over ride a doctor's orders. They would rather spends thousands of dollars and chance a life as to spend a few hundred dollars to prevent the thousands and save a life. I fear this will get worse now.

Bad headaches and referred ear pain today along with swelling, but manageable with focus. My weight seems to be going back like it was. I smell food and gain weight, lol. I'm trying to not get back the belly I had to prep before chemo and radiation. The "chemo fog" seems a bit worse and focus on what I am doing was a bit off. I actually went into a ditch, missing a driveway. If something like that happens again, I will ground myself from driving again until I feel comfortable doing so. I think I was over focusing on blocking the pain. It sounds good, I couldn't use the sun was in my eyes, lol. I think today, I was paying for yesterday's activities. I have bouts of extreme fatigue that come out of nowhere. If I set down I fall asleep, so I try and not set down. I have to work on my consistency and duration I think to get myself back to where I was, and it looks like it may be harder and longer than I first thought it would be. Depression also seems to be a factor along with frustration. Mentally I want to do and think I can, provided I don't forget. Physically however, I wear out fast.

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