Monday, April 12, 2010


 Nothing much happened today so we'll see what tomorrow holds, which is actually today as I write. It caught up with me and I got nothing much accomplished today. I'll be calling Panella today and see which way we are headed and request a scan on my throat. The pain has been intense today but I refrained from taking anything until now, when I awoke at 4am with intense pain. The fatigue has been unreal. The swelling in my throat has led to more difficulty in swallowing, that is also probably what has led to compromised breathing as well. I've began a few days ago using Ibuprofen which helps some I think along with Morphine when the pain gets too bad.

  Tomorrow, which is now today, I'll call Panella to see what besides Morphine I can take. I have 2 more patches left which I would love to come off of but we will see. It will be another week before I see Panella but this week I see Green. I'm sure that by now Panella has seen Rathfoot's report, Schindler has already received it. Thing is, Panella doesn't seen to read it like Schindler does. My voice gets a bit weaker each day from the swelling and dying of the cartilage in my throat. Now we see what failure is looking like.    

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