Sunday, May 2, 2010


  It has been a painful day today. It seems like it hasn't let up and the swallowing isn't any better. I get tired of writing negative stuff but then again I write the truth and it actually came in handy looking back a few days ago. I've used Morphine on and off all day. pretty much all day.

  Me and Denise sat and watch The Pacific on HBO most of the day. Not the way I chose to spend the day but I was tired still from running all day Saturday at yard sales. It makes me wonder how I ran all those year carrying packages at UPS. I bet I wouldn't make it over an hour or two now at best.

  This is the week we go back to Rathfoot and then Panella, or is it the other way around. I am so glad that Rathfoot doesn't do as Panella likes to be done, not seeing the patient for the first three months. If he had of I would not be writing this now. Hopefully Panella will learn from that, then again, I'd just be counted as one of the failed ones and the word NEXT would be said.

  I attempted to tint Spot's windows today. There is a talent for that and I ain't got it, lol. Went to the office tonight and done some stuff for mom. It should have been a simple trip but the neighbor up the street runs the stop sign and cuts me off then stops the car in the road in front of his house abruptly, again cutting me off. I didn't know it was him so when he pulled into his driveway and stopped I also stopped and we exchanged a few words. I called him to finish it out. We did reach a mutual understanding.

  Here is a picture of St Mary's Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber. Pretty cool. Click to enlarge...


kim said...

So that chamber looks a lot different than I expected, I don't know what I thought it should look like, but once a long time ago when I saw one, it just looked like a regular hospital bed in a glass room. Change happens so quickly in healthcare. I was hoping this would help you, and still am.

anthony7 said...

Most still are, it is the only one of it's kind in this area. I would have to be knocked out to visit the regular ones.

I'm hoping this helps too. Funny, one doctor says what has happened is a side effect the other says he done it intentionally. Surely the radiation has stopped working by now.