Tuesday, May 4, 2010


  It has been a tolerable day on pain. I started off with a Loratab but haven't used anything since. The pain has went from 1-5 but nowhere needing anything for pain. Me and Megan moved an old swing set that I netted last year to use for Okra that grows on a vine one of Denise's coworkers gave us last year that I kept for seed. I looked around again for the seeds I bought for this year but still don't have a clue what I done with them. There are some white tomato seeds that are suppose to be an old heirloom type with low acid that I wanted to grow for mom. Her gout is brought on by acid and she loves tomatoes.  I also copied Pacific parts 3 and 4 for the movies to watch.

  I tried just a biscuit and jelly this morning and it worked, no acid reflux in the HBOT. It was enough to keep me from getting sick taking all the meds in the morning yet not so much that I got sick from too much on my stomach in the chamber. We didn't dive all the way today, the lady that dives with us had a problem getting her ears to pop so we decompressed to a lesser depth. We also got a new lady today. She is there for a lesion that will not heal from her diabetes, same as the kernel. The other lady and the Army guy has both had radiation years ago. She had tonsil cancer and he had cancer somewhere in his jaw or throat area. She is losing some jaw bone while he has to do 2 weeks to have his teeth pulled.

  I've talked with a few people now both face to face and email that have had radiation to their throat and or mouth area. It would seem that there will always be trouble no matter what. Life never goes back the same. I am almost convinced that I should have all my teeth pulled now while I am in this therapy. They all say that they still have trouble afterward only... after a while, nobody listens. There has to be a better way other than to almost kill someone and cripple them to cure this crap. I am still of mind that it is in the food we eat, the math just doesn't add up to genetics unless our genetics are changed. In rats they can change the DNA with food, ever look at what is in our food these days? It is mathematically impossible that a disease that was documented as rare in the early 1900s is now 1 in 1, there haven't been enough generations for that to make any sense. Anyway, most can't tolerate acidic juices anymore and have a lot of problems from their teeth.

  Tomorrow we go to Panella. I will ask him about the Cat Scan once again. I'll also ask him how long before the radiation stops "working".  

  I about forgot. The HBOT or something seems to be helping with my neuropathy too. At night it gets bad but usually during the day it backs off a bit. The jury is still out on that one though. 


kim said...

Even people with mild acid reflux have to avoid juices (I sometimes have apple juice in the morning but that's rare). There are foods that actually relax the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus and promote reflux. Some I remember are onion, chocolate, caffeine, peppermint. Tomatoes and tomato products will also worsen the problem ten fold. Sodas have citric ACID as the first ingredient. Only makes sense if acid is the problem we have to stop putting it in us. Our ancestors didn't drink much orange juice (we don't grow oranges here) but they drank a lot of grape juice which has healing properties and apple juice which is similar to vinegar in it's properties which is said to heal everything from toe jam to allergies LOL...enjoy your day!!!

anthony7 said...

Thanks Kim. I'll definitely have to increase on those. How have you been doing?