Friday, May 21, 2010


   Only two of us dove today, Dennis and me. We were offered the chance to dive deeper and for a shorter time... we jumped on it. It all went well.

  I got a call from Rathfoot's office today by mistake and I used that opportunity to tell them about the yellowish florescent looking phlegm that comes up after HBOT, but usually only on the first spit. I asked for antibiotics but they thought I need see Rathfoot, which is cool. I see him next week.

  Me and Charlie ate at Shoney's coming back. I am already about to eat anything except crunchy stuff, the HBOT forced that fast of healing on my gums. The hurt but it is just a sore hurt... hardly worth paying attention to. This has set some kind of record time for me. Now if only my throat would do the same.

  My patch ran out a day or two ago and man was today ever painful. Three times I resorted to Morphine, 10mg twice and 20 mg once. Tonight I done another 15mg.

  We went to ChinaMart, formly WalMart, lol, where I got a good understanding on just how much vision I had lost. Much more and I will be non functional. My neuropathy raged today, maybe the damp conditions bring it on? Denise got her arbor for her roses, I got my Jeremy Camp CD, and Megan got her new printer.

  I worked on the stringing for the beans to climb on but very little  was accomplished. I fixed Denise's lawnmower... other than that, nada.For some reason this week has left me drained. I think I may have a cold. My sinuses are infected and I have sneezed a bunch of times. Maybe Rathfoot can get that out of me. I plan to ask him about my recent loss of vision. It is getting soooo bad.     

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kim said...

Rathfoot is going to tell you to go to an opthamologist and have a dilated eye exam (at least that's what he should tell you) LOL.

Maybe you've already done that and I missed it?

Hope today is a good day!