Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rathfoot Follow-up 05-07-2010

  Rathfoot stopped what I counted 3 times in my throat on the way in looking around. He said that the HBOT had helped by 50%! I've skipped two treatments and since then I have noticed the neuropathy is worse and the fatigue is worse too. Apparently this stuff has a lot of effect on a lot of things. It is a long session and is sometimes trying with the compression and decompression along with the dry mouth, but it is worth it. He also said that my throat may still yet need stretching. We also discussed the saliva glands which he said usually come back within six months to a year and sometimes they don't come back at all. It has also helped with my arthritis I have in my joints. 

  I'll have my teeth extracted next week and I wonder if and how long I will miss for that. I hope I will not miss too many if at all but I am guessing it will not be a pretty extraction since 3 are broke off under the gum line.

  I really didn't get much of anything done today but at least I managed to stay awake.

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