Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It has been a day today. I slept all the way to St Mary's after getting little sleep last night and fell asleep in the HBOT. I'm not sure what happened today, I awoke with little control over my body, shaking and having to have the hood pulled off for a little while to recover. It was weird. I have never lost control of my body as far as shaking or tremors goes. Luckily Chad got my hood off and within a few minutes I was recovered.

Today and tonight my neuropathy is raging, making me more of a cripple that someone who walks on their own power. My balance is still gone and I am in heavy fatigue still. The last few days I have spent more time either laying down and trying to get up than actually accomplishing anything. Me and Megan got the big tiller out but I wore down quickly after tilling just a small part around the cucumbers. Megan noticed the unsteady gate and I must have looked tired and kept telling me to stop and rest. The whole thing lasted about an hour and by then I had little choice but to take her advice. Within 30 minutes or less... I was asleep and slept until Denise came home. I've laid around ever since.

Last night was extremely stressful, undue stress and one which I will make sure that doesn't happen again. This may play or have played a part in today's but doesn't explain the last few days, hence my last post.

My voice came back for a day and even though it isn't good, it is better than it was. The pain in my throat has subsided and is at a manageable level while other parts are excruciating, mostly the feet. Not quite enough to do away with the patch just, yet but close. We're down to just body aches and this damn neuropathy now. I am so glad I got the handicapped plaque renewed... I'm needing it now. The fight is also in the feeling of hopelessness that this is all there is left in life. I would have rather died than to live like this.


April said...

Hi. :) We miss you Anthony. Hug yourself for us please. :)

anthony7 said...

Thanks lady. I miss you all too.