Wednesday, June 23, 2010


HBOT went decent today with the 2 additional breaks. I got a little queezy at first but it helped. John was back today, or at least it is the first time I saw him in a while. John is an interesting fellow too. Very compassionate, knowledgeable, and without question where God wanted him to be. He has a big heart like the rest of the crew there at HBOT. These people do nothing short of miracles there.

I intended on getting home and crashing after me and Charlie ate at Arby's, but it wasn't to be. I stayed outside all day, taking only small breaks in the heat. Mark raked and baled the hay, we got 12 rolls and a baby. I weeded the garden a little and attempted to pick green beans but it didn't work well, too hot and too little balance. I think I got some sun on my neck. I must have sweated off the sun block. I got the hay put up and played with the 78 Camaro a little and done trivial stuff. Bush hogged around the barn and garden. Took Linda (neighbor) some Crooked Neck squash.

I still haven't gotten my system in line yet, not sure why. My throat is feeling much better again. I was and am just so tired. I must have went out like a light at the desk for a few hours. The neuropathy was horrible but tonight I feel normal.

Today I dropped to a 12 mg patch. For the transition I left the old one on and will until tomorrow. After that box is gone I will be free of the pain patches. Thank God.

It has been a good day overall.

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