Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

  I woke up still sick but Denise brought out a good observation yesterday. perhaps it was the extra stomach pill that rathfoot prescribed, so we dropped it. I again took laxatives and today things slowly started working again, but my stomach is still raging. I've remained awake today but very, very weak, so I've decided not to do HBOT tomorrow just in case. My neuropathy hasn't eased even without me on my feet as much.

  Mom fixed supper as usual on Father's Day but it was a sad and hollow feast. Mom cooked well as usual but without dad there it was both strange and sad. Who would have ever thought that last year would have been the last time? The up side was the cards I received from mom, Denise, Misty, and Megan. I really didn't expect one from Annie so that isn't a big deal.

  I had a lot of time to think. To reflect back and really deep think about how blessed I've been. I collect things, always have and I form habits very easily. That is one reason I quit drinking when I was a teenager, plus BB didn't drink and he was kid of like the elder of our gang. Dad didn't drink but my real dad did, he quit though before he died. I really don't know of anything dad collected which always made gift buying hard. He seldom if even asked for or wanted anything but was pleased with just a card or whatever you got him. Instead he collected only a few things as I reflect back, things I have often overlooked. He collected and distributed love, kindness, compassion, and gentleness... as well as his skills to everybody he knew. When I was a kid I gripped about working with him on building, plumbing, and all sorts of things, due in part because he was a perfectionist. It was later, much later, that I realize how vital this information is.

  Here is a man that went through Hell in WW2 as a medic, something I would come to admire later on in life. My strongest memories were of us giving out shoes to children at schools that couldn't afford them. He would let me take a day or two off school to go with him. I'm not even sure if Masons do that these days. He gave of all that asked, being even mindful that his family had first. I'm not sure if he even counted himself in the picture. Truly the world has suffered a great loss and Heaven a great gain.

  I did watch the news, if it can be called that, lol. Dad, in his last years, watched it then came to me to ask about it. I tried to tell me that TV is for entertainment not knowledge, then preceded to tell the whole story. I studied that crap for over 5 years day and night. Now I look occasionally for my own sake, people are willingly ignorant and I have come to the realization that there is nothing can be done to change that. I was willingly ignorant for most of my life. Without that... nothing will get better, only worse. I do occasionally tell friends that ask. I usually go to and mull over what I want to know. Not once today did ABC tell that 2 days after the BP spill that they knew it would be in excess of 100,000 barrels of oil. Nor did they say that Goldman Sachs owned 44% of BP and sold they stock 1 week prior to the spill. Or that Haliberton invested in equipment to clean up an oil spill. Or that the CEO sold most of his stock 1 week prior to the spill. Maybe they all had a good fortune teller, lol. I also quit the Discovery Chanel for the same reason. The History Chanel is trying to finally be 1/2 way honest though.

  Going back though. I don't remember who it was, Daddy or Annie that said that men here are dads, we all have the same father which is in Heaven. Maybe it was Papa. To this dad I call nobody father except God and do not allow my kids to call me father.

   That has been my day, and with this I will place a video to all who are without their dads today.


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