Friday, July 16, 2010


  The extra Morphine afforded me some extra sleep last night but today HBOT was hard to do again. I'm not sure why but I keep thinking the Tea from Hardees. Tea has it's ups and downs but over the months I have drank so much water that I long for something with some kind of flavor and carbonated drinks and OJ aren't the answer.

  Tonight though I don't need anything extra for pain, all day it has went no higher than level 2. I know there is swelling inside though, the hissing sound is back in my left ear. That means I am swelled up enough that pressure is being placed on the nerve. It is a loud hissing sound, so loud the first time I heard it I thought we had punctured a tire.

  I bragged on the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma a bit too soon, itssss baccckkkk, lol. (From a movie). My feet and ankles plus a new patch on my knee. The knee ain't so bad but the ankle is painful and the feet override the neuropathy. How can that be? Numb yet painful. It is however a pain that I need nothing for as for 5 years now it has been there most of the time. We can get use to the strangest things, if indeed I am use to it.

  I think I've a cold now that hopefully will not blossom into anything more than that. My voice is back to where it was and the little chucks of whatever that hard stuff is comes up. I can swallow decent still but I have to get it back out of my nose, talk about a weird feeling. It is when it goes that way that I think is the hardest because obliviously it can't stay there and dislodging it is hard to do without making it head down the airway. Of all the ways for it to lodge that is the hardest to get loose.

  I attempted to get some garden work or even something, anything, done outside but it just didn't happen... too hot. I did however manage to spend money, lol. I did listen to something on the radio that I will place a link to. This one is unusual for me to do. The real message starts a bit after the 3 minute mark and boy did it strike a nerve. Listen to this message... especially if you are going through a hardship. It will resonate with you. It is at :

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