Thursday, August 5, 2010


A new doc today, she seems ok so far. Smart and complete and nice for a change. Thank you Kim. She ordered some more blood work which I got drawn today. You would think I would be use to needles by now, I feel like a Porcupine, a fat one too, 209lbs! I gotta quit this gain.

My voice is some better, at least improving now since I don't have the patches. I think I was doing a lot and getting away with it pain wise. I attempted to eat a Chili Pup yesterday, got 1/2 of it eaten and then tossed it out and tossed in some pain meds. I use to could eat them without any pain or at least little pain. Amazing what Morphine will allow one to do, lol. Tonight we had Spaghetti, no stomach pills either. can you say acid reflux? After a Loratab failed, I did end up taking for the first time some Morphine after a few hours. I will assume that diet isn't taught to nurses, lol.

Not much sleep again last night and today getting up early plus working a little in this ridiculous heat, I am exhausted. Still though, not sleepy. Thyroid? It chimed in at 4.6 (I think)

Annie got her test back today and she has this rare disease that is treatable but not curable. At 20 years old. People, have you been noticing the young kids sick these days with crap that isn't or wasn't heard of before? Have you read the obituaries lately? We are concerned with so much these days yet we don't pay attention to what really matters. No worries though, I'm not going to go off on a long rant but I do remember reading back some years ago that children today will not outlive their parents. Read that again. It does not say not live as long as, not out live them.

All this has once again gotten me out of my willingly ignorant state. We eat something that foreign third world countries won't even allow to their slaves, GM Foods. So do this for not me, not you, but for them. Google these few things separately: GM Food, Codex Alimentarius, vaccines. Now on the last one do that on For a better view of Codex look for the videos and by all means visit There are reasons for all this sickness and death. There are reasons that everything is happening. For those who know God, the last site should be looked at close.

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