Wednesday, August 25, 2010

08-25-2010 The 2nd Biopsy

Well today was one of those high spots in this ride. We went this morning for the 2nd Biopsy, the first biopsy since the initial one that discovered the tumor. Dr Rathfoot told Denise that he didn't take any samples because he sees no evidence of a tumor, just extreme radiation damage. While that sounds bad and is bad it is the lesser of two evils. From what he saw the Chemo and Radiation killed it! It also killed a lot of other things in the process. In a war there is always collateral damage, and this is part of that. While it is depressing to try and do what you once did or spend a day without pain, you are waking up on the green side of the grass, lol.

   I was a bit disappointing that the lady who came to pray with me, or rather for, didn't show up. As they injected the drug to put me under I managed to say the Lord's Prayer silently to God. Not out of fear but out of love.

He injected directly into several places a steroid called Kennalog (spelling?). Rathfoot prescribed more Prednisone (5mgx2 for 5 days), Cipro (500mgx1 for 10 days). At the next visit he was access if this has helped, I'm guessing.

If this does not work there is another option. To remove and repair the throat that he could do laser surgery and cut the scared tissue out. I'm not sure what all that entails. Hopefully not bad but it isn't a death sentence so again, it beats the alternative.

When I woke up I had an Endotracheal Tube in my throat breathing for me. It looked like dad's. I worried up until now if dad felt pain with this thing in his mouth, it has consumed my thoughts. Denise said they used this the first time but pulled it out before I awoke. The nurse was standing over me like lightening, asking questions. I couldn't speak but tried to and nodded, much like dad did. She told me that Dr Rathfoot had instructed them to wait until I woke up and make sure that I was breathing well before taking it out. It was confusing, scary, and I am thankful for this experience. I went to talk with mom and told her, she said she had the same worries. He answered two people today. I now know that it did not hurt him and when it was pulled there was no pain. Or at least, not that I experienced. I thank God for showing me that through this. God answers questions that he knows you need an answer to. Be careful what you ask God to know, least you find it out through experience. I am however, thankful He showed me.

Rather than take the pain meds as instructed I wanted to know what was sore, where it hurts. So I waited until the pain meds left my system before taking anything else. Not that I am into pain but I wanted to know where and just how bad. Plus I wanted to add no damage when I ate. My gum is sore on the lower part, like the skin has been stretch and tore a bit. The roof of the back of my mouth hurt, perhaps the equipment used going down? Then along the throat there are pin areas, I assume that is where the injections took place. Fatigue and weak plus the neuropathy, while the pain level is about the same, raising and lowering the feet and legs is an effort at best, clumsy at worse. My throat is a bit swelled and breathing is labored. All in all though, a tolerable pain to a certain extent and manageable with 10mg Lortab. The best part is that none of these are said to last hopefully and minuscule as to what it could have been.

So for now this hellish ride has a high spot once again. We ride the wave towards the beach, fully knowing that this ride is suppose to be rough and when we hit the beach the journey begins. Today we live and enjoy for yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here yet. We have enough to ponder today's events without borrowing troubles from tomorrow.

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