Monday, August 30, 2010

August 31-2010 Dr Green Follow-up

Despite Denise not wanting to keep the appointment with Dr Green, I wanted to go. She is still irritated at him for the over burn. Me, I'm just thankful the cancer was burned out, provided I get to keep my voice box. Marlon Brando isn't so bad, lol. The side effects are debilitating most days though. Still, I needed his opinion. This man does not mince words, yet he is a kind man and a great Radiation doctor. I highly value his opinion.

Before we left, I took all my pills (when these end one day, God willing, there will be massive factory lay-offs lol), then one additional one, a pain pill. The first I've taken in a while. I swear I think I got a buzz, lol. Usually Dr Green scopes me and he uses nothing to numb you with. While he says he is good, and he is good, there are still more pain involved that he knows. Today though, he decided not to. So I got stoned for nothing, lol. He felt around and gave me a good report, except the rattles in my lungs, maybe an infection from the ventilator they used in surgery.

I slept pretty much all weekend from the infection. It must be something catching, Megan and Missy have it too. But it is all good.

My costs to this have been a dead thyroid gland, loads of scare tissue, infections, neuropathy, and at times pain. The Chemo Fog, and with the pills to curb the pain of the neuropathy, my balance is lost. I still have doubts of depression and heavy fatigue.

In spit of all this though, I breathe. I have hair again. I live, just not as full as it was.

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