Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yea I know, this is coming out 12-15, lol. I awoke to a knot on the left side of my throat this morning about the size of a large strawberry, or a small apple, depending on what fruit you like. It was larger than my Adam's apple. I told Denise when we talked on the phone later, we always talk when she takes lunch. Tonight she examined my throat and it was gone. That of course is a good thing. The tumor was on the right side yet the left side was the said that suffered the most damage from the radiation. But early this morning, for a few sentences, I had my real voice back! Short lived but hey, it's a start. My hair is thinning out in front, but at least I still have some, hands down better than last year, lol. I've kept to my resolution, my hair hasn't been cut since it grew back. It still has some curl in it and just goes wild. It must look bad because when I inquired about one of Denise's gifts I kept getting told who had the cheapest ones, lol.

There has to be some relation to damp weather, especially cold damp weather and neuropathy, mine has been flaring. I still find it so hard to understand how my feet can be cold enough to hurt badly, the CTCL is so raw that the tops of my feet and ankles feel like they are on fire, the balls like a ball with spikes are digging into the bone in the ball of my foot.... and yet stay numb so as not to really know where I step. My hands and face have just stayed numb and the ankles don't seem to work too well.

Last year we didn't put a tree up, first time ever. I done my shopping using Annie to get Denise's gift, then Denise to get my family's side. It was all done over the phone. I was too weak to go to mom and dad's for Christmas and we couldn't have it back here because I have very little immunity. The phone was how I celebrated it with them. This year, though my body is a wreck, we have a tree and I've done my own shopping. I wear down and have to take a break, use to I wore everybody else down. Missing this year is dad, but I know he is celebrating it with us looking down with a big grin.

Ran across this the other day... I love it.

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