Saturday, December 18, 2010


Energy yesterday, and again today, neuropathy wasn't all that bad. We shopped all day and then went to the Christmas party tonight. It was a great day and night, right up until we got home. Broke another tooth off and right in the front bottom. I noticed that my gums and teeth, the ones I have left, are not looking too good. They seem to have never recovered. What a time of year and a day for it to break off. Six teeth on the bottom was all that was left after the chemo and radiation, now five. I perhaps should have had Sidney pull the all while he was doing it. It was the front lower middle. I thought at first it was just the cap, but when the cap came off I saw the tooth under it was broken. It was just hanging there so I thought I'd give Gorilla Glue a test run. We will see, but it doesn't seem to be working too great. Maybe by morning it will harden better. In a word... damn! Now I'm depressed again. Sometimes I wonder when it will get better, or when it will end. God knows, I'm trying to remain positive, but it's getting real hard to at times. Maybe I'll just end the last six on the bottom and get dentures. There again comes more pain. I just want a little quality, a little peace from pain. I hate taking all those pills and I want to go back like I was.

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