Thursday, December 30, 2010


My last post for the year, next post will be in 2011. Funny, I didn't really think I would see this New Year come, but I'm still here. My old calendar comes down and my new Nasty Z28 Calendar goes up, and it begins with a 71 RS/SS.

  As I see the year ending my physical condition has improved in some ways, stayed the same in others, and worsen in a few. My front tooth broke off and one dentist said that without Saliva Glands working the rest probably would too. I have a dental appointment with another dentist 1-10-2011. Hopefully that news will change. I definitely will have to get a partial if not a full plate. The neuropathy varies from day to day, especially when I forget my pills. It hasn't changed better though. The spasms, cramps, whatever you call them have increased. Tonight I said to heck with it and done a full stretch, it felt good... for about two seconds. This time both legs in the large muscles. Sometimes they hit in my kidney area. Sometimes the feet, arms... you name it. Lots of pain in those. My throat still tightens up at night making breathing labored, but overall it has improved. I can tolerate a little more spices and seldom get stuff in my airway and up the nose is less frequent too. I still can't swallow pills very good. Usually I use Yahoo or Milk, sometimes Tea. 8 prescription pills in the mornings, 2 mid day, 1 evening, and 5 before bed, plus whatever vitamins I decide to take. Spoke too soon, just lodged a small Vitamin D right then. Denise helped me dislodge it. That went straight for the lungs. I can't get it totally dislodged but it's a capsule do it will dissolve quickly...I hope. The hearing I about the same but it does show some progress. That was supposedly a chemo side effect.

  I've found that extreme cold is about like heat... not too good. My thoughts on wondering if it's all gone or not are not present all the time like they were. As I get adjusted to the new me I am not as hard on myself for not getting done like I once did, but I still set goals a little higher after one is reached. I challenge myself, except in stairs, I don't do them well.

  As this year closes I am so very grateful for my family and friends. I realize that I have been and am blessed. For as bad as this was and has been there have been some great things came out of it, so I don't look back at this year as being a bad year. We enter in the New Year minus one, dad. I know though where he is he is great now, still I miss him. I had hopes that this year would see a conclusion to this disease but it hasn't. Another Cat Scan is in April, hopefully that one will say clean and good to go.

   Through all of this though God has blessed me with all of you, those who read this and those who don't but have remembered me in their prayers. If should it end tomorrow I die a wealthy man, not by the world's standards but by that which counts... God's.

  So Happy New Year, Thank You, and God Bless.

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