Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First an most importantly,

Happy Birthday Brandon (aka BB) Big number 9

Me and Denise went to my appointment for a follow-up with Dr Rathfoot at UT. He ran the scope again and looked at my throat. My sinuses were infected and we both remembered which side is obstructed, the left, so he went in the right side of my nose. Funny, he had to remind me to swallow. He saw no cancer from the visual and the vocal cords looked better. There is still a lot of swelling on the left side, the cancer was on the right. Due to the swelling it has my swallowing and breathing slightly obstructed. He gave me Cipro for the sinus infection and I'm to continue the Prednisone for 6 more weeks. If it hasn't improved he will look at either injections or maybe stretching the throat or cleaning it out. His main concern was that it stays open enough to breath and swallow. I think that is right. Having Rathfoot, Panella, and Green as doctors is nothing short of a miracle.

  I told him about my teeth and he said that was common. He also talked about Hyperbaric Oxygen as a treatment again, I hope not. I'll do what he says though as I have 100% confidence in what he says. He takes his time to check and to make sure we know what he thinks and is talking about. Denise often understands more of what is said than I do, but I get the jest of it and what I lack Denise tells me.  I feel a little more comfortable with having the work done. It worried me that we would spend this money for nothing as I don't think anybody could use the teeth that are made, and it would be enough for a decent casket. 

  While I'm not happy about my teeth I am slowly accepting it. There again, I have confidence in my Dentist as well. I also have confidence in Dr Boyd in taking them out. My teeth are one of those things I prayed about but sometimes the answer was no. I don't like it but I will accept it, like I have a choice, lol. So tomorrow the first one comes out. I filled the feed can at the chickens and opened the new cat food at the garage, readied the next bag of feed for Jack. That way tomorrow when I feed it will all be ready. 

  Tonight though, we celebrate BB's 9th birthday. We have 2 BB's in the family now, my cousin and my grandkid.  


CourtneyC said...

Hi Anthony,
I just waned to tell you about my Grandfather who I lost last year. At 27 yrs old, he told his dentist in 1937 to pull all his teeth. I inherited his soft tooth enamel and suffer from almost constant cavities, but my GrandDad was having none of it! Anyway,he got by fine,as I'm sure you will. He used to pop his teeth out at us grandiose..not that I'm endorsing that for you...it was scary for us kids, but he'd laugh and we'd beg him to do it again! Awesome e news that there is no signs to worry about except swelling in your throat. I'm keeping you in my prayers. You are an inspiration.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Courtney for the prayers and sharing the memories. Also for bringing back mine. dad use to do that all the time to, so did Papa. We just thought it was the funniest thing, especially when he done it one time and it fell into his glass of cornbread and milk. You've made my day, thank you.