Thursday, January 20, 2011


Went to Knoxville today with Misty. Man that was fun. That is the first time just me and her have went anywhere in years. I forgot just how much fun we have together. We talked all the way to Sams and all the way back. God I needed that. Brandon (BB) came back today and we chatted. He is so funny and so smart. I got the shelving rack system, put it together and sorted the can foods. Found some that had went out of date so tomorrow they get tossed. I think actually though I'll empty them out in the garden first, then bag the cans and let Mark have them.

   I got the DVDs in, as promised of the show. They weren't complete but the thought was extremely nice. So thank you to Mary in New Zealand. Too cool.

Setting here tonight, I had to try just one piece of candy, big mistake. I have to eat on the left side and another tooth just snapped off. Little to no pain involved but right in the front again. Makes me want to just scream. One thing's for sure, I can now breathe quicker, even with my lips back and remaining teeth toughing, lol. It just snapped. How does that happen in life? I did notice since the back one was pulled my sinuses cleared up a bit and actually it had gotten so bad that I think it hurts less. Pretty much no pain all day. Worse part is, I'm getting use to it now. The back saliva glands are trying to work too for a change, now they start, lol.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, Steph here again. "now they start" Aww, I'm sorry. But it's good the glands are trying to work, right? I had a tooth extracted about 8 yrs ago and boy that was painful. I've always had healthy teeth too. But for some reason this one tooth was just rotting and needed to come out. It's scary how easily that can happen. :/ Glad to hear you're having less pain and that other things are going a little better for you! Try and keep positive. I know it's hard... If you need to scream though, it helps to do that too! lol Anyway, take care and have a great weekend!!

Steph (in Calif.)
Thanks for replying to my comment in your other blog entry. That was really sweet! :)

anthony7 said...

Hey Steph, I would yell but I can't. Denise is thankful for that. lol. Slowly but surely I'm coming to terms with it. I don't like it, but I'm slowly coming around to it. I've always had bad teeth, just not quite this bad. I keep envisioning us riding down the road on the bike, I start to say something to Denise, and out comes the teeth. Then again, they can have their upside. It'll make cleaning bugs out of my teeth easier. :) Have a great weekend. Anthony

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, sorry for suggesting that you scream. I hope I didn't offend you! I think it's really great that you're blogging. It helps a lot to sort out your feelings and everything. I wrote a blog for a while when I was going through my later stages of hearing loss and my decision to get a cochlear implant, etc.. Not only did it help me but it seemed to educate others (I didn't have many readers..just a few lol) about hearing loss & CIs. I am sure your blog is doing the same thing. :) Thanks for your reply! Take care & God Bless! Steph

anthony7 said...

Hey Steph, actually I chuckled over that one, and needed a good smile. It reminded me a long time ago when I had just lost my voice, pretty much completely. I saw a friend I hadn't saw in a long time walking across the parking lot at the mall. I cannot tell you how many times I tried to yell or at least make a loud noise. Couldn't do it. then I tried waving me hands, from inside the car yet with blacked out windows, and his back turned. Still he kept walking. Finally my brain lite up. I have a horn, lol. So I blew the horn and he looked around. What do I do? try and yell again, lol. He spotted me finally and I then remember that the vehicle could actually be started and I could drive over, lol. By the time I got there I was laughing so hard I had to wait to speak. After I told him what I had done, we both laughed out tails off.

Please don't ever be worried about offending me. I don't get offended that easily. Life's too short for that. But if anything, that made me smile and laugh, especially when it brought back memories of some of my moments I forgot I couldn't do that. I feel like that little chicken that tries to crow, lol.
Your Friend, Anthony

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, So glad it made you smile. Laughter is wonderful for the spirit! :) Funny story!! lol Thanks for sharing it! When you mentioned in your other reply about how you can't yell and Denise is thankful for that, it reminded me of my youngest son (I have a daughter & 2 sons). Before my CI surgery, I could barely hear anyone speak. When I would have a little disagreement with my son (teenagers! lol), he would mumble things (about me) behind my back because he knew I couldn't hear him. Heh But after my surgery, I could hear him better and he couldn't get away with doing that anymore...he was getting into a lot more trouble! lol

Anyway, glad you were cool with it. Thanks!! By the way, I noticed you have a Facebook page. Are you accepting "friends requests" from everybody...or are you just accepting from family & close friends? I'm on FB too. I have a combo page with my husband, Mike. If you would like to be friends, let me know!

Take care,

CourtneyC said...

Hey Anthony,
I loved reading your first two sentences. When you are feeling low, those two sentences should brighten your mood. P.S. I'm watching two movies recommended to me that I was leery of ... One was "the grown ups." It was so bad, I'm left questioning good taste of my friend. Have you seen any good movies lately?

anthony7 said...

CourtneyC, we ran and worked all day them came home and eat a bite. Nothing really good on. The best film we have watched lately was "Letters To God." It was a very good movie. Tonight we watched on Star on Demand. I've missed my bedtime. Hopefully the tooth fairy will miss me, lol.

Shannon said...

Hi, you don't know me and I didn't randomly find your blog. I was searching for it. I watched your episode of I survived beyond and back. Wow. You are an amazing person and truly touched my life and my families life. We always watch this show together, and we were overcome by your awesome outlook on life, despite all you have been through. Your story was so amazing, we were crying. I'm 23, and there is a lot in my life that is superficial, and you reminded me that none of that matters. Your outlook on life, and your love for your wife, and your reminder that the only thing that matters in this life is your relationship with others and with God was such a powerful message. It spoke to me more than any sermon from a pulpit. You are touching more lives than you could ever know. I will keep you in my prayers, and I want you to know that you are a hero. You are a reminder of what really matters in life, and that you can stay sweet and funny no matter what you are going through and how hard it gets. I wanted to encourage you to stay strong in life and in your faith because you are a true inspiration. I hope that I can have that same outlook on life.

So I mainly just wanted to say, Thank you for reaching out and touching my life. You and your sweet wife are AWESOME! God bless you both!

anthony7 said...

Hi Shannon, Thank you for the prayers and kind words. There are so many people more deserving than I am for them, but I thank you. I have to show this to Denise, she will love it. For 23, you are a whole lot smarter than I was at 44. It took a loud knock to wake me up and then some more loud knocks to keep me awake, lol. Denise comes by it naturally though. I am though pleased and humbled that you enjoyed it and connected with it. God Bless and keep you and yours, Anthony

CourtneyC said...

Ha! You keep me laughing...I hope you leave the tooth fairy a note under your pillow that says: "I gave at the office!"

anthony7 said...

Boy I'm hoping too, lol. I'm going to leave the tooth fairy a note saying that I'll take any denomination of bills she brings, and that there are no price cuts for bulk buying, lol. :)

Lori Bei Durst said...

Hi Anthony,
Hope you are feeling better today. Thank you for your response from the 9th. It brought more enlightenment and comfort. I am glad you enjoyed my blog too. :o)
Hope you and Denise can do some fun things this year!
Fondly, Lori

anthony7 said...

Hi Lori, Thank you fr the good wishes. I loved your blog, all the pictures and beautifully written.

Today's a good day for me. I hope it was for you too. I even started getting the small back garden cleaned up, something me and Denise love to do together. We've even got a few new couple that want to ride bikes with us. Thanks, Anthony