Tuesday, March 15, 2011


  First day I've been up and alert in almost 2 days. Yesterday I slept all the way through this morning with the exception of a few times I briefly woke up. I think my system already being down and then using that deodorant and having a reaction to it took me the rest of the way down. The only thing different was that it had Zinc. I've tried finding the same one we found a while back that didn't contain Aluminum in it and didn't smell like a skunk in heat. I haven't forgotten the doctors telling the ladies in the Chemo Hut to make sure they did not use deodorant with Aluminum. Hint to manufacturers, most men do not like to smell like a skunk ape! Hint to guys that wear 1.99 per gallon skunk ape Cologne don't turn ladies on, especially on the arm pits. Peppe Le Pew was a cartoon character. So today I'm up so far, but weak. The swelling in my armpits, face, and neck have went down almost to normal after tons of Benedryl pills and cream.

  Charlie had his biopsy yesterday and his results will come later this week. They do know that the type of his throat cancer isn't the Squamous Cell Carcinoma like mine, but his treatment plan will be similar. That breaks my heart. I know that what he about to enter is nothing short of Hell on earth. There has to be a better way than this. We can put a man on the moon, vehicles on Mars, a 100 year old man an erection, but we can't find a cure for cancer, diabetes, and MS? Where does that place our priorities as a people? Charlie also has diabetes but has controlled it with his diet and occasionally I think a pill. My heart just breaks for him and all the other people who have to go through this, and that includes the care givers as well.       


CourtneyC said...

Hey Anthony~
I just recently found my grocery store carries Arm & Hammer Natural deoderant. It works! And smells nice!
I can't go a second day without washing, though. But brands like Tom's never worked for me. Give this a go, for sure, and you won't give Peppy Le Pew a run for his money. :-)


David said...

Hi Anthony,

It's always hard to read your posts knowing the pain you must be feeling for Charlie. I also wish I could answer your question. I don't understand how it can be possible to accomplish so much in so many fields (INCLUDING medicine!), and still not have a cure for some of the most painful and debilitating diseases.

All we can do is pray and realize that we aren't meant to understand it all. We live as well as we can. It's all we can do.

Trust and Obey. We will learn it all one day. :)

anthony7 said...

Courtney, Thanks. I'm going to see if we have that locally and if not, order some. It's hard to find anything that doesn't have aluminum in it and apparently Zinc didn't go too well with my system either. :) I can't stand the "masculine" musk ox smell either. I could tollerate my own smell better, lol.

David, I feel for anyone who has any of the painful diseases and of course it being Charlie and throat cancer, I have an even softer spot. Medicine has come a long way but I think it is in need of a proper sight direction. Then again as long as multinational agri corporations are allowed to do their damage I would imagine it is a bit hard for medicine to keep up. All the reason for people to speak up and question all but God, and even He doesn't mind us asking questions.

David said...

Well said Anthony. Well said indeed.

CourtneyC said...

"He doesn't mindus asking questions..."

My preacher said something 7years ago that I've never forgotten. He said the opposite of faith is not doubt, but fear. Jesus said so many times, "fear not" and "let not your heart be troubled."

Peace be with you.

anthony7 said...

True, very true.