Sunday, March 27, 2011


  Had a few set backs the last few days. I may have found my apex on what I can do. My throat feels like someone squeezing on it and breathing is all but impossible. I think maybe I may have overdone. The acid reflux over this past week hasn't helped either. I had Megan out of school for a week for Spring Break and we worked. We talked a lot too and that played a factor. We did hit Yoder's Market and Sams yesterday though, then I went to Glen & Pam's wedding. It was beautiful.

  Tomorrow I go to the dentist for my framework? I hope that means that soon I will have my partial. The plastic bridge is broken on both ends, has been for a while, and Gorilla Glue is holding it on.

  Charlie is to have surgery and they still don't know much more than they did as to when or what or even if there is even any Lymph Node activity. I thank God for Rathfoot, Panella, and Green. And for UT and Saint Mary's. They got on the ball with mine.

  Next month is the test again to see if mine is gone. With the way this past few weeks have gone it worries me.


Lori Bei Durst said...

Hi Anthony, Sorry to hear you are feeling not up to par. I will email a website for eating with acid reflux and other digestive problems....basically food combining. Hope today was successful and your mouth is feeling great ! Fondly, Lori

anthony7 said...

Thank you Lori. Today seemed a bit better, other than the fatigue. My teeth fitment went well. Thanks for emailing me a link to eating well. I can use that one right now. Thanks, Anthony