Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm just now getting over the stomach bug that's going around. Yuk, but I've seen worse. We went to Yard Sales today then come back and tilled the garden, even though the soil is damp, and planted a few things. During the course of hooking up the Rotovator I accidentally slung the Sledge Hammer and hit right below the knee. Now it's swelled big enough to look like I have two knees, lol. So I'm limping. Funny how there is just not much skin or muscles on the shin. I think I deserved that though.

The 40mg of Predsione a day have made me ill as a hornet. I can't even stand myself lately. It seems that depression, anger, nerves on end, and a deep rage at times boils inside me. I've had a tremble in my hands a bit since the Chemo, an unsteady gate if it were a walk, but as it is, shaky I guess you could say. Added with numbness and it is hard to do some tasks I once could, but I've learned to just deal with it. Except lately I get all these hyped emotions.

So today I just snapped. Guess we had a little too much bonding. :) I'm going to blame it on the meds, but I know it was no excuse. I think these things are there. Not the things I said, but the frustration, pain, aggravation, and I guess anger that you can't do what you want to do, what you use to do. Maybe this stuff just heightens them, I'm not sure. I've done good at keeping it in check until today. Man do i ever have a mouth on me at times, and attitude to match.


David said...

I think admitting that you can at times be foolish is very health, Anthony. We are all allowed our occasional goof ups, just try to lenghten the time between each goof up to the point where it almost never happens! :)

anthony7 said...

Man do I ever still feel bad about it. I've kept in check ever since, still, and apologized. Thank God the dose dropped today. Still though, it's no excuse for being hateful. I can do better than that.