Saturday, May 14, 2011


Just now getting back up from getting slammed with some kind of intestinal something. Since I don't know anybody that has it I assume maybe it was a gift from preregistration at St Mary's. They seriously need to go back to the way they use to do it. High fever and not sure which end to put on the toilet first. From Thursday evening until Saturday morning. I think that was the closest thing to Chemo sickness I've experienced except for the chemo, and then I didn't run a high fever. Except that one time when I ended up in the hospital.

This once again tells me to avoid crowds. I thought I was past this.


CourtneyC said...

Anthony, I am so, so sorry you are going through a rough patch. I'm keeping you in my prayers and also Denise that she won't worry. You have such a great sense of humor...which end to put n the toilet. The epitome of potty humor! Hope you don't lose too much weight with the bug...a great excuse for ice cream. Keep on keeping on, my man.

David said...

Never fun to go through stuff like this, that's for sure. Glad to hear you're finally getting over it, Anthony.

Don't be too hard on yourself, by the way. "I thought I was over this", to me, is being too hard on yourself.

Even perfectly healthy people can catch a flu or a cold. Just take it easy and keep yourself upbeat. And as Courtney above said, it's a good excuse for some ice cream when you're feeling better. :)

Lori Bei Durst said...

Hi Anthony,
Catching up with you. As the others, sorry to hear of your flu bug...yuck! Hope you are feeling better today. What day is your surgery? And for what? I can't remember what you were having done?
We are having a cold storm since Saturday....rain, some hail and colder than normal for Northern California. That said, you are probably having lovely weather! It always seems to be that way for the side storms, the other sun. Were you able to get more things planted? I have a few tomatoes, etc. I am waiting to set out....probably mid-week....then into the 70's. I'll be keeping extra special thoughts for you and Denise this week. God bless you both, Lori

anthony7 said...

Hi Courtney, David, and Lori, Well today was a remake of the whole thing. Kept a fever all day and slept on and off. This thing has longevity, I'll give it that. Ran a high fever last night but today it stayed under 100. I did take the advice on ice cream... well, a Banana Popsicle.

The surgery is scheduled for the 18th, which ain't looking too good. I also want to make sure there will be no holes sticking out of the body, lol. It is suppose to be for injections into the area where the damage is closing my throat off. Hopefully that will drop the swelling down to where I can get rid of at least the Predisone. I kind of figure some irritation from the ventilator I'll be on, just didn't figure infection before hand.

Our weather hasn't cooperated much here. Robin Williams could do his skit from Good Morning Vietnam this year. I had just managed to get the other garden smoothed out and ready to plant when this junk hit, now we're back to wet again. All I lack is the green beans and corn. Maybe replant the Okra.

It'll be a full week. Adjuster for the house from the storm damage plus Denise's birthday 17th,, Surgery 18th, Megan graduates Saturday.