Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I think I found the limit once again. I woke up this morning with little voice and my throat is tight and painful tonight. I haven't hurt like this in a long time. Me and mom had an appointment with the insurance man this morning so I kept the appointment. We stopped by and talked with Matt about shingles at Allen-Surrett Hardware, he owns the Dandridge store. I also introduced the new neighbor's friend, I still don't know his name, but he is nice. We went to the store in town here and now he knows where the Hardware store is and who Steve and Kaye are. I like doing business with them, good honest people who own it.

I pretty much stayed in except for going to get sand for the neighbor's pool twice. Her truck and his truck are both nice and I thought it would damage them so I offered to take Big Ugly and get it. They have their pool up tonight and filling it. They seem to be very nice people and she has had her share of troubles. She and her friend both offered to pay me but I told her she deserves a break after a year of what she has been through. Big Ugly needs the work out, plus the gas was getting old and I like to play in the dirt.

When Denise got home we walked in the garden and finished the stringers in the green beans and she picked a couple of cucumbers. Today wasn't as hot but I still had a hard time breathing, I should have had that and tilling done, not to mention the yard mowed. I did get the swing moved to where Matt & Misty's pool is so they will have something to sit on this evening with Denise's help. I just am down and need to recuperate a bit, get this swelling down. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back up and work on the bike since it is suppose to rain.

Tonight Matt & Misty's fence needed worked on, Rex kept getting out. I went with Matt and we took some old T posts I had, he done most of the work. They were older posts and if we had time there are newer ones in the garden we could have exchanged. I did discover another stray cat while I was out in the carport. I fed it too while I was there. It looked hungry. Megan caught the other stray cats I feed on camera, they are wild. This new one though is friendly. First one I've fed and actually got to pet. Jack, Jenny, and Dora came and me and Brandon gave them a treat while we were getting stuff to fix the fence. I'm running on empty and hurting pretty bad, so ends another day. A good day, I got to feel useful, and for that I am thankful. Tomorrow I will feel better though, heal up a bit.


David said...

Good to see you felt like you were helping out today, Anthony. Always good to feel useful (something I myself need to do more of, considering I have no reason not to). It is definitely something we take for granted, feeling useful.

anthony7 said...

When I spoke about not doing things I should have, this could have been another one added. So I jumped at the chance to do it. Same with Misty & Matt. Like the old song goes, "Everybody needs somebody sometimes."For as bad as I feel physically tonight... I fell good inside.