Wednesday, September 14, 2011


   Back down again. I slept most of yesterday. It's not that I am sick I'm just run down. Perhaps the concrete me and Megan went at hard for a couple of days or the allergy I have to it before it dries. Denise says it's a yeast infection, my tongue is coated with white stuff. Today I slept late and other than entering a thing on Purina for some kind of coupon or free cat and dog food voucher, that is about it. I have no idea what that was but Denise said to do it, so I did.

  Denise killed a snake a day or so ago. Those things creep me out. I thought something was up since the Peacocks seemed to stick to me like glue lately. It's that time of year again.

  So today I want to do what I said I was going to do yesterday, build a gate for Matt & Misty's new back deck. I'll have to do some modifications though since Rick and Al made no provisions to add a gate or a rail even to one side. So I'll add posts and build a rail in a tight spot. Been thinking of getting a framing nailer, but not so sure I want that expense, my building days are at end and limited now. Still, it would be a new toy, :) Megan wants to build her own Chicken Coop even though we have some empty ones open, but I can see her point.

  I've done a lot of research and reading, save yesterday when I couldn't stay awake. I've lost over 10 lbs and hopefully will keep it off, due to the teeth extractions. I go the 19th for my molds to be made and hopefully I'll have teeth by the end of the month. When I get them I told Denise we'd thaw out some steaks, get some potatoes, onions, and other stuff and I'd grill a meal fit for a king. Then we start all over again with an appointment to Rathfoot and get the Sleep Study report back. I had her cancel the appointment until I have teeth.  

  I'm gaining strength back decently, look healthy as a horse and have more good than bad days... now if I could just get the stamina back. Oh well, one step at a time. In a way that isn't a bad thing. Most of my life I used brute force to accomplish things where now I have learned to improvise and actually think. Now if I could just remember what I thought, lol. 


Lori Bei Durst said...

Taking a bit of a break. Remember baby steps and patience...your stamina will come back. Tell Denise she is my hero...I don't mind small snakes, but I can't imagine killing a big one.....yikes! You go girl !
Take care Anothony!

Lori Bei Durst said...

Your musings on 9/11 were very good and so true. :o)

anthony7 said...

Thanks Lori. I read your message to Denise and she chuckled. She has no fear of anything like that. I keep hitting the starter button I figure I'll either start or blow up, lol. Denise said I have on of the worst Yeast infections she's seen. Rama gave some meds for it. Seems the steroids cause it and the antibiotics I had to take after having my teeth pulled added. Megan is loving it though. Sleeping late and not actually doing much. We're just running in circles. :)

I'm glad that you enjoyed the comment on 9/11. I've gotten mixed reviews. Some like it and others don't. I have an old friend that said she took my advice and just turned the TV off that day, went with her husband and they just hung out. They had a wonderful, positive day. I know I would not want to be remembered by hate and I'd like to see the victims (all) not be either.

Amy J said...

Anthony, have you ever heard of MonaVie Juice? My sweet friend is now in remission from non-Hodgkins lymphoma and her cancer marker was getting high again. She started drinking the stuff and her cancer marker went from 206 down to 166 in 6 weeks. And she has stayed in that lower range for a year & 3 months. I just started drinking it for my arthritis and have so much energy but I wanted to mention it to you since you are feeling run down. Keep your chin up. I think you and Denise are amazing folks.

anthony7 said...

Hey Amy, I know of several people who it helped. I use to deliver it on the UPS truck to reps. Have some friend too that it helped. I have considered that and still may. Thanks

Amy J said...

The Active is good for joint pain and the (M)mun is good for boosting the immune system. But they all give you energy. Plus it would just be plain good for ya. I've only been drinking it for about a month but I've noticed a big difference. I just had a baby a few months ago and then had my gall bladder out last month. It's helped me feel human again. :) I didn't know you were a UPS man! We always love when our UPS man comes to our little Texas town. Take care & I'm lifting you up in prayer.

anthony7 said...

Hi Amy, Congrats on the new baby, even congrats on getting the gall bladder out. I remember people that I knew were down drinking it and it seemed to help them.

I was a UPS man for almost 25 years. I had determined after the heart attack and first cancer that I'd try and make it to 25, missed it by a few months. The left shoulder just quit and the surgery left a 37% loss of us. I could have still done the job but their rules say 100% of bye-bye. I miss the people I delivered to and most of the ones I worked with, but I don't miss the company.

I went straight into Real Estate and was going wide open doing foreclosures then boom, 2nd cancer set in, different kind, throat cancer. The side effects have the best of me right now, but I'm working on that. :)

I feel sometimes like I'm reaching for the stars. I probably won't touch them but I won't have a handful of dirt that way either. :)