Sunday, January 9, 2011


  Today is another day, lol. I had a bad abscess that came on my gum, maybe from cleaning, maybe not, who knows. It has finally gotten big enough to burst and actually feels so much better. I'm adjusting to the no teeth thing. I don't like it but then again Ive experienced a lot I really didn't like in the last 2 years, so I'll get use to it.  One thing is sure, if Denise ever threatens to slap my teeth out, I can always hide the jar. :)

  Tonight on the Biography Channel's I Survived Beyond and Back, me and Denise air. I think at 10PM, est. Boy do I ever look different now, lol. Denise says I'm a fuzzy, snaggle toothed woolie booger, she left out the word fat.

  Tomorrow we see if the Prednisone is working I've been on for what seems an eternity. It doesn't feel like it has. I think the constant sinus and bronchitis have set it back a bit. Not sure if that will effect the scope up the nose, I think not. The other drug they injected in surgery last time, they are suppose to be able to inject from the outside now. If they do I hope they knock me out first, or at least dope me up where I won't know better, lol. While it may be wrong, I picture the shot like the shots in the shoulder or knee.      


jsteadman said...

Just found your blog after seeing your story on I survived. Thank you for sharing your story. I know that many people will find hope in it. As a cancer survivor I am praying for you. Now off to read your blog. In Gods love, Sandie

CourtneyC said...

I'm just finished watching you on the Discovery channel. You are so personable and honest about yourself. That is what struck me about you...and how much God must enjoy certainly put a smile on my face. I'm so sorry to hear about your current struggles. You seem to be so strong in every way, and you are a blessing. I add you to my prayers, and your family. God bless you Anthony.

AK47 said...

Hey Brother, like the other two commenters, I just saw your story on Bio channel, thank you for sharing it. I believe, in some ways, that this show, and your story amongst the others, was God's way of speaking to me. He showed me what I have to look forward to. More importantly, he showed me what I have to LIVE for; the others around me that I need to be mindful of everyday. I'll be praying for you as you go through your current trials, best of luck to you.

anthony7 said...

Thank you Sandie, Courtney, and AK47. The producers done a great job and I believe Beyond & Back is about just the hope, faith, and love. I thank you all for the prayers and for listening to my story.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I saw your story and I just had to find your blog so I could tell you how much you as a person touched my heart. You made me smile, chuckle and cry. You reminded me of what's important in life. I don't think I came across your story by chance...I am certain it was for a reason. Thank you for sharing your story. Stay strong in heart and soul and may you take comfort in knowing what awaits you on the other side.

With love for you and your family,


ldijames said...
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ldijames said...

I saw your story tonight on I Survived...Beyond and Back. The experience that you had was so inspirational. Thank you for sharing it. I want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers.

God bless you,

Knoxville, TN

anthony7 said...

Thank you Nalen and Lisa for the prayers, I truly believe that is what has got me this far. I am honored that you enjoyed it and that it touched your lives. I too believe that everything has a purpose, and if this was my purpose, then no greater honor could I have asked for.
God Bless and Keep you both,

Anonymous said...

I too just found your blog after watching the show. God bless you. prayers coming your way. Linda

vickie said...

I watched you on Beyond and Back. You had such a wonderful way of looking at life. With a smile. And you are such an inspiration to me. I pray for you and your family as you go through this trial now.
Two years ago I was healed, by no Dr, by God's hand only. He is an awesome God. Thank you for sharing your story and God bless you and your family. I'll be checking your blog!!! :-)

anthony7 said...

Thank you Vickie and Linda for the kind words and prayers. I am so glad that you are healed Vickie, God holds the final key to healing and life.
Bod Bless you all,

Anonymous said...

The thing you said that has changed me is, I thought it was okay because lots of people did it. Now it does not look so good. Thank you for sharing you experience. You are in my prayers. Please know I'm trying to lead a better life because of your words.

anthony7 said...

I missed the last one, Anonymous. I apologize for that. I try and respond back but I miss a few every now and again. I thank you for your prayers and kind words. I would like to take credit for my words or that you have been changed by them, but I can't. That I will have to give you and God the credit for. Again, I am sorry that I missed your post. I want to tell people that I appreciate the fact that they, in this case you, cared enough to reach out to me. God Bless, Anthony