Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well today I pay for yesterday's activity of shopping, but it was worth every minute. :) I learned that little sign. I fed the cows today and watered the plants in the sunroom so that tomorrow I can be ready for Tuesday. 8 calves now, we've lost 3 from the bitter cold, but I'm glad to see 8 have made it. Funny how after all of this I fear a dentist, lol. I know I'll be in good hands. Dr Boyd has called Dr Rathfoot to check about the medicine he has me on and it is ok. He talked the last time with Dr Panella and Dr Green. I don't think I'll need Hyberbaric Oxygen this time, thank God for that.

  I got 6 weeks before a decision is made about what to do if my throat don't respond and so I'm having second thoughts on the teeth extraction thing all at once, especially so close to the same date. Then it keeps going over in my mind about what if it's not gone, it would be a waste of money and more pain. I know the bottom has to be done, I hate missing a front tooth and it is already getting painful, but nothing I can't handle.

  Not sure why, maybe the rain, maybe the stress, but the neuropathy has been bad the last few days and the other cancer is going wild. The hissing in my ears has taken some of my hearing away, I thought that would be gone by now, maybe it will leave later. I've found that Megan's closed caption has come in handy. I can't imagine how she does what she does, reading faces, captions, lips, expressions... all at once.

  Not sure if it is spasms but piercing pain hits my kidneys occasionally, they have since the chemo. I wonder sometimes if I should put down the aftermath and what seems like ungrateful concerns. Then again, maybe some reading this is in the same boat, and it may help them to feel normal. Whatever normal is these days. Tomorrow I have some errands to run in the final prep. When I was younger I'd not have thought twice about pulling a tooth. These days though it doesn't take a lot to halt things. I may not be affected much by the extraction, but I'm taking precautions buy getting what needs to be done done. The up side is that I need to loose some weight. I really need to find a diet other than the way I've been doing it, lol. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, my name is Shanna and I just watched your story on the bio channel. Thank you and your wife for sharing your story. My mom and I both were laughing out loud when you were telling the part about the nurse having to shave you before the angioplasty. Haha. I like your sense of humor. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that you and your family are going through your battle with cancer. I lost my dad to lung cancer 8 years ago Jan. 7 which was my senior year of high school. I know it isn't an easy road. I plan to continue reading your blog and I hope to see more good news from you this year. Hopefully you'll start to feel better once the nice, warm weather arrives. I always look forward to it. I'm from a little town in Missouri called Salem, originally, but am now living and working in St. Louis. I am definitely used to the crazy seasonal weather, but I'm tired of this cold winter stuff! Take care!!!

CourtneyC said...

Hey Anthony, I definately think you sharing you trials and tribulations is important. I'm sure other will read it and find comfort that they are not alone as well as receive inspiration by your attitude and perseverance in the face of adversity. That is one of the things you said on your show that stuck with me most..that we are supposed to fight.

I am sorry about your calves you lost.

I have otoscolaris (I didn't look up that spelling :-) but when I had my son, I in turn lost most of my hearing. Totally worth it. It's almost a prty trick for me to read people's lips, and the awesome part is that hearing aids restors me to almost-normal hearing. Closed captioning is great but even better are the headsets for us hard of hearing that allows us to listen at a different volume to the TV that others in the room. My favorite part of hearing loss is threatening to turn off my hearing aids when my (now nine yr old) son won't stop pestering me for something, and when in the grocery store. I no longer have to listen to other people's kids have a tantrum!

anthony7 said...

Hi Shanna, Thank you for the kind words and prayers. I have a crazy sense of humor, lol. I think they showed me in true form on the show.
I'm sorry about your dad, I know it was hard on you and your mom. Where he is now though, he is excellent, perfect in every way in a perfect place with a perfect God.

White Pine is a small town too, I love it. Oh how I hope she don't see what I told, lol. The next shave may be worse, but she is a sweet lady, salt of the earth, saint... I'm kissing up here, lol. They say she is a perfectionist, so even though I laughed then and now, I am grateful for her.

We've had a rough winter too. Oh how I am waiting for spring. Gardening, working outside, riding the bike. I have plenty that needs to be done inside, but outside is so much more fun. I think I'm over the snow and ice now. Funny, when I was a kid I loved it. Then again, there wasn't this much of me to fall, lol.

Your Friend, Anthony

captbanjo said...

Hey Anthony. Just caught your Bio segment with my wife. I had an NDE in 1972 when I was seventeen years old. People didn't really know much about them then but a year later or so I saw one Dr. Moody on TV talking about a book he wrote called 'Life After Death'. I shouted out to my wife (Yeah, I got married at 18) that this was what had happened to me. I read the book and of course, since then, there have been thousands if not millions reported. Yours reminded me on mine (I think about it often) in that I was told I was on some glorious mission on Earth and yet have led an ordinary existence. I think love and forgiveness hold the answer. Best of luck and see you over there!

anthony7 said...

Hi Courtney, I hope that it helps others that are in the same or similar boat. Funny, two friends talked me into this blog and said it would help others, they never mentioned it would help me. I think it has helped a lot for I have said things I probably wouldn't have said, things that may have needed to be said.

I laughed when you mentioned turning off the hearing aids. When Megan was small she would either flip them off or pull them out then turn her back to us. That use t just kill me, lol. I knew the conversation was over. While she wasn't looking though I would laugh at the genius of the action.

The other day Megan was in the Sunroom and Denise said yell at Megan and tell her time to come in. I smiled and looked at her and said, "What part of that makes sense. She can't hear and I can't yell." You gotta love it, lol.

Your Friend, Anthony

anthony7 said...

captbanjo, I would love to hear about your experience. I would say that even though your life may have seemed ordinary, it has been more extraordinary then you know. There is no telling how many people have benefited from knowing you. People you've touched and never knew you did. I think you are right. Love and Forgiveness. Unconditionally. Your Friend, Anthony

CourtneyC said...

Ha! "She can't hear and I can't yell." That's sure to have put a smile on Denise's face. Sounds like the punchline to a joke, or the chorus of a Country Western song...I'll apologize now for my spelling...I blame it on the equipment I'm using to type. Keep the updates com in, for you and your readers both. Cathartic all the way around. Keeping you and Denise in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

My name is Steph. I saw your episode when it first aired (I love that show and have enjoyed hearing everyone's stories!). As soon as you mentioned your blog, I wanted to find it! It's been really interesting to read through your entries. You have a wonderful spirit...and sense of humor! Your family sounds very loving too. By the way, I have a hearing loss,'s congenital. I started losing my hearing about 20 years ago - in my late 20s. I am now deaf in one ear (I have a cochlear implant in that ear) and wear an aid in my other ear. At first I was really depressed about it. I was never angry with God though. In fact, it has been through my faith that has helped me to get through all of it. Having this loss has made me a much stronger person and I am a happier person these days. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say "hi". Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to your updates! I wish you and your family the best!!!

Take care,
Steph (in Calif.)

anthony7 said...

Hi Steph, I get in trouble sometimes with my humor, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have been blessed, that is for sure. Our youngest daughter was born with her hearing loss, mine, though slight and seems to be improving a little, they said was from the chemo. It's gotten me out of honey-dos at times, then again, some of that may be selective hearing too, lol. With Megan, she has taught me people with loss of hearing aren't handicapped, it's the rest of us are. Just as you have become a stronger person, she is like that too. You must be a good person, and strong in faith to praise God and grow, especially when it first happened. Special people are able to step back and see the beauty of the forest. Thank you for the kind words and wishes. Your Friend, Anthony

anthony7 said...

Courtney, Yep, it does don't it, lol. Between you and me, me and Megan have learned to use that for our advantage. :) Now if Denise had said sign her to come in, that, I could have done. We won't even go into spelling, lol, if it weren't for spell check these words would look bad. Except it ain't the machine, it's me. :)I have to tell the truth on that because too many people read this that knew me for too long, lol.

janice power said...

if you don't have to put yourself in more agony now then don't, wait until you feel within if it is right, you know your not alone, ask, ask, ask, ask the one you went and saw first hand and wait until you are guided to make your next move, going thru this extraction is VERY AWFUL!!!! do you need anymore awful at this moment? believe in your on intuitive answer, please you have gone thru so much, take your time and wait until you feel it is ok to in your own gut feeling, ususally the first one is the right one...God Bless you ~janice

anthony7 said...

Hi Janice, I know I have to do something on the bottom, they just kind of snapped off. The top done the same in the back but I still have I think 7 left, thank God their in front. I keep going back and forth, I know it's coming. I know it will hurt and if I do one then wait for the other it will hurt twice. I just keep thinking maybe I will only have 1/2 the pain at a time. Then, I'm not sure how that will go if they do have to do surgery after this 6 weeks of medicine fails.

Boofly said...

Anthony, hello again! I remembered from the program that you wrote a blog so I thought that I would check it out. I am so happy for you that you have this outlet. As well, I am happy for us (especially those with chronic illnesses) to see that we are not alone in our struggles. I have even read some of the comments to your blog which highlight that fact. I want to encourage you to persevere, you are a strong man with a wonderful, supportive wife and family (and a few fans). That is so beautiful to see. I am glad that you can see the silver lining in the clouds. It gives me strength to face the mountains in my own life. = ) Linda (Boofly)

anthony7 said...

Hey Linda, Thanks. I think though Denise is stronger than I am. I read your blog and subscribed to it. That is so cool. I know that you and Pam can do it. It sounds like you have a great partner too. I think that is one of the keys to this thing, and to enjoying life itself. Your Friend, Anthony